The Relaxing Romper that sold out four times is finally back and comes with free shipping.

BACK IN STOCK: The Relaxing Romper that sold out four times is finally back and comes with free shipping.



Our mission is to upgrade your relationship to clothing.

Who here has too much stuff? I do. And it piles up in my closet and drawers and then, I have to figure out what to do with it. Yikes.

Did you know that America throws away 80lbs of clothing/person into landfill annually? Did you know that 85% of donations end up in landfill?

The best idea would be to stop shopping altogether…forever... but am I going to do that? Unlikely. Sharing is a solution, but nobody wants to share my pit stained t-shirts and old socks.

So what’s the answer for someone who craves great product, ease, simplicity, and less waste? For Days.

At For Days, we care deeply about good product. We use the highest quality, sustainable materials. We focus intensely on fit and finishing details. We also ensure that every item is 100% recyclable. We minimize waste with things like reusable packaging and company-wide carbon offsets.

But most importantly, we have created a SWAP program. That means for a great price, you can swap out anything, anytime, for any reason. Everything you send back gets recycled. This is called a closed loop system and it’s pretty revolutionary.

We are excited for you to join us. Why? Because, together, we are creating the future of commerce.

Who benefits? You. Me. Us. The planet.

Cheers to better days,

Kristy, Mary & The For Days Team


Kristy Caylor


Mary Saunders


Prior to For Days, Caylor co-founded Maiyet, a pioneering luxury brand that seamlessly integrated world class design with a transformative social philosophy. Caylor spent her early career growing businesses for Gap, Inc. including Banana Republic Petites, Banana Republic Japan, and was instrumental in leading Gap’s Product (RED) division.

Caylor, a member of the CFDA, sat on the Lexus Fashion Initiative advisory board, worked with Cradle to Cradle’s Fashion + and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Textile Initiative. In 2014, the Voss Foundation recognized Caylor as the Woman Helping Women Honoree. In 2016 Caylor was appointed to the World Economic Forum's Global Future Council on Consumerism, and was invited to speak on the SXSW 2018 panel “Sustainability of Bust: The Future of Brands.”

Mary Saunders is a fashion industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. Mary began her career with Gap Inc.’s Retail Management Program and was most recently the COO of innovative luxury brand, Maiyet. Mary holds an MBA with second year honors from Harvard Business School and an MA in Sociology and BA in Economics from Stanford University.