The Relaxing Romper that sold out four times is finally back and comes with free shipping.

BACK IN STOCK: The Relaxing Romper that sold out four times is finally back and comes with free shipping.



You can purchase a take back bag for any old clothing or you can swap an old For Days item out when you buy something new.

Yes! Everything you receive from For Days is straight off the production line. Your old items go into recycling to become new materials down the road. You do not receive items someone else has worn.

Shipping is never “free,” but For Days covers shipping and returns so that they are free to you. We also purchase carbon offset credits for all transportation, so shipping is carbon free too!

Swap anytime you want. We do not send you anything unless you've ordered it. We encourage you to live in your tees, which means you should wear them to the end. A lot of folks swap after 4 months and others after one year. Many people add to their collection over time

All worn items go into our recycling cue. We work with post-consumer recycling partners to make sure all returned materials go into new fabrics down the road and then into new products.  We currently don't reuse any returned product that has been worn.  We are working on a reuse program and will keep you posted.  

You don’t have to. You will be charged full price for new items, but there is no penalty for not swapping.

No problem. We encourage you to live in your For Days. Really, get dirty. We take all swaps, no matter the condition. That said, we aren’t a laundry service, we are a solution to your stuff anxiety.

Yup. Get creative!

We are sorry to hear that. Order another one. Unfortunately, you can’t swap a shirt that you no longer have, but we hope you replace it!

You can exchange for another color or size from your Closet within 7 days of receiving it. Go to Account-> Your Closet -> Items at Home and select what you would like to exchange. Send the exchanged item back in the original bag and we will send out the replacement.

Our fabric is from Turkey and our clothes are sewn in Los Angeles.

Not yet. The logistics are tricky for our business to operate internationally, but we are working on it.